General conditions

Welcome rules & tips to have a great & easy stay here at Congo Bongo EcoVillage Manzanillo Costa Rica

  1. All houses have filtered water machines from which it is safe to drink for your whole stay with us.The water from the faucet is safe to do the dishes, cook or brush your teeth.
  2. Next to the toilet is a wastebasket for toilet paper because we work with septic tanks. Please do not flush the paper in the toilet. Please remove bags and place by the other trash basket. There are new bags to use.
  3. The safe works only with the key and not with the numbers. Please leave your passports, cash, credit cards, plane tickets or other important things there.
  4. The big plastic basket outside the bedroom is for laundry. Anything you would like to have washed, please leave it there. Every morning the cleaning girl will pick it up wash it and dry it for you. It can be clothing, towels or bedding. It is free of charge and included in the house rate.
  5. If you would like the bedding to be changed please do not leave the door open, rather place your bedding in the wash basket and we will take care of it.
  6. All houses have Wi-Fi internet. If you need the password just ask the staff for it or see here on the bottom of this page.
  7. In all the houses there is a cell phone for you to use. In the contact list of the phone you will find our numbers and numbers of services in the area. You can also make local calls if you need to.
  8. The BBQ is for cooking and you can buy charcoal at the supermarket. Please no campfires.
  9. The door keys were in the door when you arrived. Please when you leave the house close the doors and take the keys with you. Do not leave computers, cameras, phones etc. outside of the bedrooms. Better to be safe than sorry!
  10. The gate key is hanging on the bedroom wall on a shell. At 6:00 PM we close the gate, so be sure to take the key if you are planning to be out at night. Please be sure to lock it again when you return.
  11. Please do not leave any lights or fans on in day time when you are not there.
  12. Mosquito coils are not allowed to burn in Congo Bongo EcoVillage. It is very dangerous because we have wooden houses and any damage you make you will be responsible for.
  13. Congo Bongo EcoVillage is not responsible for stolen items in the houses or property.
  14. Please think about your neighbours in Congo Bongo EcoVillage, and after 10:00 PM please keep the noise down to a minimum.
  15. The bottle of red wine is a gift from us for your nice stay in Congo Bongo EcoVillage and enjoy your holidays.
  16. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know immediately. We want to address any concerns so your stay can be wonderful. You can come to the office of Congo Bongo EcoVillage or call me at my number on the house cell phone.



First: Congo Bongo is the commercial name for the corporation established as Casas Congo Bongo Manzanillo, Sociedad anónima; legal identification number three dash one zero one dash six one one four three five zero nine (3-101-61143509); whose main purpose is to offer tourist services, mainly the rental of houses for vacation and rest.

Second: The facilities are insured under a policy of civil responsibility, according to the laws of the Republic of Costa Rica.

Third: Every guest and visitor should follow the safety rules and regulations established by Congo Bongo. Every guest and visitor should conduct themselves in a safe and careful manner when around stairs, gardens, trails and other sites. The guests should consider the fact that Congo Bongo’s facilities are located in the tropical rain forest, within a natural habitat of hundreds of species in their natural state.

Fourth: Congo Bongo’s facilities have been built with materials of excellent quality according to the construction and safety rules required by the laws of the Republic of Costa Rica. The construction of Congo Bongo has been supervised by professional contractors as well as by the Colegio Federado de Ingenieros y Arquitectos de Costa Rica (Costa Rica’s College of Engineers and Architects).

Fifth: Congo Bongo will not be responsible for the caring of any children lodging or visiting the premises. Minors should be under the direct supervision of parents, guardians, or other responsible adults; who will provide the appropriate care and supervision at all times during their stay at Congo Bongo.

Sixth: Congo Bongo will not be responsible for any behavior displayed by any guests or visitors, whether inside or outside the facilities.

Seventh: Congo Bongo will not be responsible for the loss or damage to guests or visitors’ property or vehicles. Valuables should not be left inside vehicles. Vehicles should be kept locked and parked in safe places as directed by the personnel of Congo Bongo.

Eighth: Congo Bongo will not be responsible for accidents, injuries, lost luggage, death of a guest, damage or loss of personal documents, damage or loss of valuables or any other situation that may occur within the facilities; if there is proof of negligence, imprudence or if the safety rules and regulations have not been followed as well as if the guest or visitor has left the premises temporarily or permanently.

Ninth: Congo Bongo can facilitate to guests and visitors a way to contact and arrange:

a)Transportation Services, such as taxi cabs, buses, or any other transportation of cargo, luggage or passengers,

b) Tours to different sites, such as volcanoes, rivers, mountains, cities, towns, Indian reservations, white water rafting, boat rides, canopy tours, horse rides, among others. Since Congo Bongo does not provide any of the aforementioned services, the guest or visitor must accept and acknowledge that Congo Bongo is only a facilitator of such services; therefore these are not covered by the civil responsibility insurance policy. Guests and visitors must be responsible for ensuring that these tour providers and companies operate under the appropriate insurance policies according to the law of Costa Rica.

Tenth: The guests and visitors must keep any special belongings or valuables in the safes provided for this purpose.

Eleventh: Congo Bongo does not provide any food or drink services and it does not sell food or drinks of any kind; therefore, it will not be responsible for any food or drinks bought by guests or visitors that might endanger their health or well-being.

Twelfth: Guests or visitors must report immediately to the management any damage caused to any of Congo Bongo’s property, in order to avoid any physical danger to them and to be able to do any repairs that might be needed.

Thirteenth: Guests must report every person that is staying with them in the houses. If loss or damage should be caused to any of Congo Bongo’s property by a person not authorized to be in the premises, this person will assume all civil responsibilities and will be responsible for covering the expenses of the loss or damage. The person will be escorted out of the premises and Congo Bongo will not assume responsibility for any of the loss or damage.

Fourteenth: Parties or celebrations within the facilities will only be allowed if the management has previously authorized it in writing. Due to the natural environment surrounding Congo Bongo, the use of sound systems generating excessive noise will not be permitted.

Fifteenth: Guests and visitors must acknowledge that the facilities are located in the tropical rain forest, surrounded by dense vegetation and domestic animals. Therefore, they must take preventive measures and precautions in order to avoid any physical injury caused by an animal. Congo Bongo will not be responsible for any bug, mosquito, snake or other bites caused by poisonous animals during the guests stay in the facilities.

Sixteenth: Congo Bongo will not be responsible for and is not obligated to any money refunds to guests regarding reservations when:

a) A national or municipal road connecting to the facilities of Congo Bongo has been closed or blocked due to traffic accidents, slides or any other situation,

b) Excess of rain, hurricanes or any other weather condition,

c) Electric services within the facilities are out. Guests must acknowledge that electric services are regulated by the state and might be suspended without prior notice.

Seventeenth: In order to make a reservation a 25% of the total amount of rent is required; this payment can be made through any of the venues established by Congo Bongo. The other 75% should be paid full in cash when the house keys are given to the guest. It is also possible to pay the remaining balance before you arrive with a bank transaction to one of the banks we are using: Banco Nacional de Costa Rica, Banco de Costa Rica or ABN AMRO bank.

If you would like to pay the remaining balance with PayPal we have to add 5% to your balance which are the costs PayPal charges us. If a reservation is canceled or if a guest leaves a rented house before the agreed date, Congo Bongo is not responsible for any refund of money, unless the reason or condition for this is acceptable and agreeable by the management.

Eighteenth: Guests are responsible to reimburse or pay in full the value of the damaged objects in the houses, whether the damage was caused by the guest himself or his companions. Also, guests are responsible for any lost keys corresponded to the rented house, the safe and the safety gate located at the entrance of the facilities. In the case of loss of a key, guests will be charged in the amount of 50.00 USD for each lost key.

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