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Family reunions and birthdays at Congo Bongo

Family reunions

Congo-Bongo Itinerary for a Great Family, Groups or Friends Vacation: a unique, relaxing and enjoyable time for your family (guilt free and with a strong focus on sustainability)

A family or friends vacation is a great way to spend more time with each other while having a great time. It is a way to pull everyone closer and have some quality time together. We at Congo-Bongo understand that what you want is a unique family or friends retreat different from any other vacation you have enjoyed in the past. We offer all the fun, adventure, and comfort that families want most, elevating the experience to world-class standards.

Big birthdays

Congo-Bongo offers you the exceptional opportunity to take part in our vision for a more sustainable future, supporting local communities and the natural environment of Costa Rica, in a relaxing and truly memorable setting. Experience where the beaches meet the rainforest at Congo-Bongo.

Manzanillo is Costa Rica’s most famous National Park and a great destination for those families and friends looking to experience the rainforest. White water rafting, canopy tours, ocean kayaking, mangrove and dolphin tours, night walks and hikes are just a few of the many outdoor activities offered in the area. In particular, Congo-Bongo is a stunning, luxurious and truly sustainable house rentals located right on the beach in Manzanillo . Congo-Bongo is the perfect place to enjoy a few days of adventure and fun.

Celebrate big birthdays at Congo Bongo
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